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The HI VISION� 5500 Fully Digital Ultrasound system delivers the latest generation of signal processing technology, sophisticated transducer design, and a host of features and options for advanced imaging capabilities across a wide range of clinical situations The 5500�s electronic architecture incorporates advanced circuit designs optimized for efficiency and function. We call it HI VUE � an engineering philosophy that directs the development of each subsystem to individual specifications while, at the same time, providing seamless integration within the entire system. The end result is extraordinary performance in image quality and system operation. Every aspect of the 5500�s operation was engineered to make it a better clinical partner in real-life, real work situations. Hitachi�s dynamically backlit control panel uses three-stage illumination to give visual feedback on system operation. Keyboard lighting shows each function as available, unavailable, or in use. In addition, programmable one-touch keys increase system efficiency by providing individual controls for frequently used image acquisition, processing, storage, and retrieval functions.

The HI VISION� 900, Hitachi's ultra-premium ultrasound system, combines innovative image acquisition techniques with operational enhancements designed to optimize clinical efficiency. With unique imaging methods like HI Definition dynamic Tissue Harmonic Imaging (HdTHI) and Real-time tissue Elastography Mode (E-Mode), the HI VISION 900 is leading ultrasound in exciting new directions. Multiple operational interfaces and operator specific protocols allow sonographers unprecedented flexibility to break free from rigid control panels and menu-driven operation to scan the way that works best for their specific environment.

What Is an Ultrasound Examination?

Ultrasound is also known by many other names, including sonogram, sonography, and ultrasound imaging. Any of those names refer to the same process that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce pictures of the inside of the body. Because ultrasound images are captured in real time, they are able to show blood flowing through the blood vessels, as well as the movement of the body's organs and its structure.

Ultrasound is an important tool to aid in the evaluation of abdominal pain, pregnancies, pelvic pain or bleeding in women, scrotal pain in men, lumps in the thyroid gland, blood clots in leg veins, narrowing of arteries in the neck, and many other conditions. The examination is performed by first putting a gel on the skin overlying the area to be examined. The technologist then puts a transducer on the skin and moves it in different positions to make pictures of the body part of interest.


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