Using equipment at the forefront of technology including GE’s amazing LightSpeed VCT, our CT imaging provides high volume, high-resolution images that meet a broad range of patient evaluation needs. Our protocols provide low-dose efficiency and high-quality images for consistently excellent results. And with our Advantage Worskstations, we produce 3D images that give a comprehensive, context-rich snapshot that complements your studies. We offer a range of CT imaging including musculoskeletal, bariatric, cardiac, pediatric, neuro, and vascular imaging. Our tables provide maximum comfort, and work with any weight.

What is CT?

CT stands for Computed Tomography (sometimes referred to as a CAT scan). A CT scan produces hundreds of thin slice cross-sectional pictures of the body part being examined, using x-rays and advanced computer processing. It is roughly analogous to looking at a loaf of bread by picking up each slice and looking at it individually. Some examinations require an injection of iodinated contrast material to be given during the scan, while others can be performed without an injection. If it is anticipated that an exam should be performed with an injection of contrast material, the patient may be given pre-medication to reduce the possibility of a reaction to the contrast material. If you have allergies or may be pregnant, be sure to inform your physician and the technologist prior to the exam. After the patient has been positioned on the table and the technologist has programmed the scanner for the exam, the scanning process itself is very quick, requiring only 10-30 seconds.



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